Leicester Course Layout

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Players love the overall diversity of the golf course. We have varied our par fours so that some range as long as 437 yards, and some as short as 309 yards. The shorter holes however are “risk reward” holes.  Decisions have to be made about what type of a shot needs to be played. An example is our eighth hole, which is only 309 yards long. It happens to be a dog leg right. The hole is designed to hit a 170-yard shot down the center or left side of the fairway. If you stray too far to the right you might catch the small pond or the creek that runs through the fairway. That leaves a shot of 130 to 140 yards uphill to the sloping green. Another way to play this hole is to go over the trees and try to hit the green. Several years ago, someone did that and got a hole-in-one. I guarantee that you will remember that shot if you make it.

We have three par fives. Our second hole is 489-yards, up hill all the way. You would think that you could reach the green in two shots, but that doesn’t happen very often. Try it and you’ll find out.

On the back nine we built two new holes, number 14 and 15.  Hole 14 is a 545-yard par five with a tree-lined fairway. After two good shots, you need to be on the right side of the fairway to get a clear shot at the green because the hole then doglegs to the left. So you’ll need to shape your shot to get to the green if you are not on the right side.

Our signature hole is number 17
We have 5 par 3 holes ranging in length from 165 yards to 201 yard. Our signature hole is number 17. It is 183-yards long, uphill. The hole is tree lined on both sides with a bunker protecting the right front of the green and another bunker catching any shot that is too far left.

What’s Next?
We have been working hard at making this course better every year. When you build new holes, that’s easy to spot, but when you improve drainage, not many people notice, but your playing conditions get better. Our staff is always asking about you and how you enjoyed your round of golf. Any suggestions to make your golf experience better are always appreciated.
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Leicester Course Layout

Leicester Country Club Course Layout & Scoring Card

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