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Five Simple Steps to Planning a Baby Shower 

1. Think Fun Themes. Your job in planning a baby shower can be made easier by first selecting a theme. And then everything from invitations, decorations, games, and refreshments, can be designed around that theme. Our event planners at the Leicester Country Club will be glad to assist you.

babyshowerExample One: Time of Day Theme
Give the new mom to be the time of day, literally. With this theme, each party guest is assigned a time of day. The guests then buy presents for the time of day they were assigned. For example, if a guest was given 10:00 at night as a time of day, she might give crib bedding as her baby shower gift. The time of day theme isnt just fun, it also ensures that the mom-to-be gets what she needs to get her through her days with baby.

Example Two: The Firsts Shower
A firsts shower is a favorite. With this theme, everyone buys something for one of baby’s “first things” in life. Decorate the shower with pictures of babies doing firsts and youll have a shower thats sure to be a hit.

Example Three: The Nursery Shower
Know how the parents plan on decorating the nursery? Then do a nursery-themed baby shower. Guests can bring gifts according to the theme and the parents wont have to pay for the decor of the nursery all by themselves. You can even decorate the shower with the theme and then give the parents-to-be the decorations to take home with them.

2. The Menu Is Important
Once you have the theme checked off your list its time to move on to the menu. Food is an important part of planning a baby shower. When planning the menu, make sure that you cover the tastes of everyone attending the party. That means having a wide arrange including sweet, salty, spicy and a mixture of textures. Our Head Chef has designed menus that will impress you and your guests. View sample baby shower menu.

3. Baby Shower Games
Planning a baby shower isnt complete unless you plan some baby shower games. Make sure you plan at least one or two games during your baby shower planning. You want to keep your guests entertained.

4. Slides and Video
Use modern technology to show pictures of the Mom (and Dad) to be as babies and toddlers themselves. You’ll leave tears in everyones eyes as each recall how fast time moves and how special a time having a baby in the house is for all of us.

5. Give A Speech
You are planning a baby shower for your best friend after all. Don’t you think you should give a speech about how much she means to you and how happy you are for her? A speech is a wonderful way to end the baby shower.

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